フリル袖:Ruffled sleeves

袖に2段のフリルをつけて お出かけ着にも使える感じに


以前はスタンド襟タイプを作り 今回はラウンドで。



Top of ruffled sleeves.

It combines polka dots and floral patterns.

現在、Maison de Bungaのオンラインショップにて1月10日まで

お得にマスクなど お求めいただけます!ぜひこの機会に




  • michele toubhans より:

    Hello, my daughter and I found your shop in Saigon and we bought plenty of so nice clothes…
    How can I by some items of your new , nice collection?
    Have you and e-shop? I can’t find it and I so sad

    • Maison de Bunga より:

      Hi. Thank you for contacting me.

      First of all, unfortunately I don’t sell online yet.
      However you already bought my products, it means that
      size is OK so if you have something interested in, please tell me and I can do shipping to you.
      but the shipping fee is not free… I ask customer do payment for postage.
      If you agree it, I will be ready to you.

      Please contact to :

      Maison de Bunga

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